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Hello, I am Jennifer a dirty blonde 28-year -old from Edinburgh. dtvideo I'm with my husband Chris for 9 years, met in college. I love my husband and I had never cheated with another person, since I saw him, because he had begun a great sex life. Chris is up on Ebay, it is connected. At first it was fine, but then he started his own small secondary activities and I need the fucking hard work regularly what to buy and sell at a profit to remain at the side of things until late at night to the sales list. Money is very good and is practical, but I needed was a good fuck. I told him if I did not get more action heavy and something that I would go elsewhere. I think it was a joke he told me to go forward. I - fuck, I thought. went to bed for me to meet again and as I was Frigga thought I was a real man to give me a good fuck. Then I remembered a giant Mike handsome, muscular man - ABOUt 6 feet 4 We had gone to college. He loved it in love all cocky and in themselves. Popular with the girls, however, and hung like a horse, they said. He would be the time. the next day at work organized a meeting with Mike on Friends Reunited. Mike I found myself outside a pub in the city and told him directly that I'm not here for small talk just wanted his cock inside me. We took a taxi back to her keeps me with outstretched arms, or even let him kiss me in the cab - I wanted to explode... entered the dtvideo apartment and once in the door were his arm around my waist was and we started kissing passionately. Our tongues were almost at odds, and pushed my body against him. It took me so damn bad that he began to tear the clothes from his body and he did the same with me. Within seconds I was in my panties and bra, and was threatened in his underwear, huge bulk to burst open. Mike my professional bra with one dtvideo hand cut and remove the bra, which can drop on the floor. He closed his hand on each breast, and I shivered at his touch - the first man to nine years to play like Chris different. The massage on each breast and rubbed my nipples until they hardened by emotion. He bent his neck and took a nipple between his lips, licking and sucking with such skill that could have cried. Then he stopped, knelt and kissed the stomach before taking my underwear and painful to be found dtvideo in one swift motion. I said it was beautiful and I always wanted in college and then started my bush and kissed the inside of my thigh. I was excited and wet. It made ​​me angry, and pushed his legs apart and pushed his face into my pussy and licked her lips. It was amazing, and when they started to investigate her pussy on my knees almost buckled. The expert licked what must have been 10 minutes culminating in orgasm shattered, as he took the head and ground my pussy on his face ready. Mike got dtvideo up and told meI wanted to catch me. His tail formed a huge bulge underwear demanding to be released. I played the moster through the fabric - it felt so heavy. I took his hand told him that I loved her too much and took me to the bedroom. I met through his pants and saw his beautiful vertical position with a huge purple dome and closed my hand around its circumference. It felt very strong and I fell to my knees before him. I slowly rubbed my hand on his hard cock and lay their dtvideo eggs on the other hand, is gently massaged. I took his cock in my mouth beautiful. I licked and sucked his stiff cock and Mike groaned as his hands on the back of my head. After five minutes or so of my nursing expert tense and said that he was coming. I started to work faster on the cock like a good run down into my mouth. Eagerly swallowed his cum until he relaxes his tail between my lips. We were lying in bed and cuddled for a few minutes before I felt his stiff Tuesck slapping against my thighs. Mike gave me between the legs and put his dtvideo dick in my pussy wet and breathless sensation - it was fucking great. As he plunged his dtvideo cock was completely in my Cunti tingling near another orgasm while chasing me with his baton from the pump. When he finally drove his hard cock in me, threw his body to me and how the sperm is injected into me, I felt dtvideo feelings I did not think dtvideo possible. since Mike and I did not get into the situation, enough of each other, and how we got along, we find every way to arouse and satisfy others - masturbation, oral and anal sex. Mike even took a series of sexy dtvideo high pictures of me. It could even sell on Ebay, my husband is proud of - what do you mean ?
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